Consisting of thousands of islands in the Maldives , a country that was bothering . Oh, man , this is about the more than 230 islands, of which only a delay .This country is blessed with the blue of the sea and the beauty of the shore . There are a lot of islands scattered like jewels in the sea.
Fish is the main job of work. Now there is a new tourist islands . The country is also a lot of foreigners are going to come to the Maldives .That is the main income of the country
 The biggest feature of this country is submerged than the view of the beach.The sea plants , for the country to have the opportunity to see this very closely and directly with the big fish .
I know there are opportunities for swimming in the sea to swim here . For tourists, is a very interesting experience. The height of the low country of the Maldives in the world. There is only one and a half meters in height from the sea level , the average of the country .In some areas, up to the maximum height of 2.4 m and less than a meter. Sea level rise as a result of global warming has been increasing slowly every year. And half of the many islands of the heavens and the journey to the main view of the indebted.
Do you really see the white sand and clear water. Some go to the sea in walking distance of many inward .The other will be the impact crater . All this land was once part of the subject areas . This is the biggest threat facing the country,