Vadakkan Paravur is situated 4 km away from Chandamangalam in Ernakulam District, this place is famous as it is included in Muzaris heritage. The four museums over here has given it a place in Kerala Tourism. Chethamangalam was the resident area of Former Minister Paliyathachan of Kochi State who ruled between AD 1663 to 1809. In the old Kochi State after King the next hierarchy goes to Paliyathachan. In Kochi state, Paliyathachans had the Prime Minister Post and they were the chief for Army. One of the biggest Synagogue in Kerala is situated in Paravoor. Almost 4km away from Chenthamangalom the Paliyam Kovilakom is situated. This is the same distance between Kottayil Kovilakom and Synagogue. The first and the last Christian Capital by Villarvattom Kings is situated in Arangavu Panchayat in Chenthamangalom.
This place is as old as Kerala and its included in many old Poems as Kanthool, Chanthimadeep and Jayathamamangalom. In AD 1662 Syrian Language printing started in this place and it became one of the first multi language Printing centre.