This world famous place is located in nagaland.Large number of people visits this place during the flower blooming season.This is one of the major tourist spot in India.This heaven on the earth lies in between Nagaland and Manipur at an altitude of about 2500 metre (8000ft).To reach this place we should travel by taxi from dheemapur railway station to kohima through the ghat road for 3 hours. Trekking will start from kohima to manipur from the visemma village.
The pink shy lilly flowers are another speciality of Dzukou valley.It will be a hard decision to comeback home after seeing them, By the last of june rhododendrons blooms and these pink,yellow and white flowers will make this valley of heaven speechless.A beautiful stream is just weeping in this valley near to 2 caves. It will be a beautiful fresh atmosphere in this valley with the chirping sound of the birds,and the dancing flowers.