This Waterfall  is not so famous yet it's really beautiful. It shouldn't be missed while visiting Palakkad. It's almost 15km away from Palakkad. The Waterfall and the forest surrounding it is really beautiful to be viewed. It's the best place for all those who love trekking. After trekking, a good shower in the Waterfall can give a refreshing feeling for the journey back. The trekking in this place would take almost 3hrs. The trekking trail is made towards the top of Dhoni hill. The way is through forest, it's a totally different experience.
The best season to visit the Waterfall is after the rainy season, by the end of September or by the beginning of October. Only during this time, the waterfalls whole beauty can be viewed. During summer, the level of water reduces. While going to visit this place, food and water has to be stored. Since its a rural village, there are not much shops in this place. The area over here is very slippery because of which accidents are common. All those who down into the Waterfall has to be cautious about this. Government has placed boards depicting cautious symbols but still many are not considering it seriously. The ticket fares to visit Dhoni Waterfall was raised recently to Rs.100