It's situated at the Kerala- Tamil Nadu border. It has become one of the favourite spot of tourists because of the presence of heavy wind over here. To give company to the heavy wind there are numerous windmills over here. From here Kambham district in Tamil Nadu in its beauty can be visualised. There are mainly two hills, by paying an entry fee of Rs.10 one can be climb these hills without much exertion. Since it has got huge grassland, many hours can be spend enjoying the wind. From the second hill Tamil Nadu's distant sights can be seen. But the journey through the bamboo forest is bit difficult. It has to be avoided by elderly and weak persons. The main attraction is the arrangement of rocks which is arranged one over another. It seems as though it will fall down easily, but the realisation that it's withstanding the heavy wind can give a miraculous feeling. It can be reached by travelling for almost 14km from Idukki Nedumkandom. From Kattapana it's almost 20km and from Munnar it's almost 65km. All those visit Ramakkelmedu has to visit Anjuruly. After reaching Kattapana travelling through the Ellapara route for almost 5km and then turning right moving forward for 3km leads to Anjuruly. It's situated it the eastern part of Idukki Dam. Long tunnel of about 3km which directs water from Erattayar to Idukki Dam is the main speculation here.