After the release of Kamal's film Krishnagudiyil oru pranaya Kalam many enquired about this railway station. The story threads around a Village setup in a hill station with grassy fields and railway rails. It was difficult to believe that Krishnagudi the fiction village is a location that's situated in Kerala. Director Kamal and team went till Andhra Pradesh in search of a village like Krishnagudi. At last Krishnagudi location was shot at Angadipuram railway station in Malapuram district and the railway route was between Shornoor-Nilambur. This Shornoor-Nilamboor railway route is becoming tourist location now.
It's the smallest broad gauge in India with a length of 66 kilometres.
It's a journey with a lot of cherishing moments such dew drops falling on to the train windows along with scenic beauty of banyan trees and teak trees in the background. All those like to travel in monsoon reason will definitely enjoy this. All the railway stations in this route is blend into the nature, unlike normal concrete roofed railway stations these ones has got roofing made of banyan trees.
Through the train windows one can melt into nature. In the village beauty one can forget everything else. The route may seem like a forest route. It's a wonderful journey to the land of Teak.
The passengers will be astonished by the colourful locations on the way. Moreover it's an ideal location for camera lens. It's a miniature form of Ooty-Mettupalayom route. The journey away from city disturbances give a different feeling to the passengers and there are many surprises awaiting at Nilambur.
From Shornoor till Kulukaloor Palakkad's breeze can be enjoy, after crossing Kunthipuzha it leads to Malappuram. Valluvanad and Eranadu has got a lot to share as the train whistles and passes away. Payment roads to walk, rivers, paddy fields, cranes, peacocks , children who are playing football in paddy fields, teak trees etc gives a symphony for eyes. Kuthipuzha, Chaliyar, Velliyarpuzha, Olipuzha, Vaniyambhalom rock etc can be seen. Teak trees are the main attraction. During monsoon season it's really splendid. It's an eco friendly journey and one can share their love towards nature during this journey. Fresh air and breeze can be enjoyed. This railway route is under Palakkad division and passes through Malappuram. In Nilambur-Shornoor Line Vaniyombhalom, Thodiyapullom, Thoovoor, Melatoor, Pattikade, Angadipurom, Cherukara, Kulukaloor, Vallapuzha, and Vadanakurushi are the stations.
It's one of the most beautiful train journey location in Kerala towards teak forest in Nilambur.
In the midst of wide forest and in the midst of chirping birds and there are small streams below the iron bridges with flowers floating in the river. The streams always make the Nilambur forest floating. It's a small village situated at the eastern side of Malappuram. It's a place which has got greenish forest. This place which has got a lot of teak trees and Eetty trees always welcomes the tourist to this place. It has got many historic remnants in it. As we know further, Nilambur becomes more and more beautiful.