Star hotel situated on the way between Chennai to Bangalore is the superstar among Ambur Biriyani. In Ambur within 1 kilometre maximum number of Biriyani hotels are there. By 7 am itself in Ambur Biryani will be ready. Ambur inmates like Biriyani so much. It became famous as lorry drivers who drove long distance also became its fan.
We who have become bored seeing Malabar Biriyani will be surprised to see the colourful Ambur Biriyani. Mutton Biriyani is the speciality at Star hotel. Nicely cooked rice, masala with softened mutton pieces along with Salas will make mouth watering.
In 1890 Hassayin Begi started Biriyani business. Today Muneer Ahmed his heir takes care of it. Arcode Navab who settled in Ambur in olden days were the one who made Biriyani famous over there. Ambur and Variyambhadi are various varieties of Arcode Biriyani. It's prepared in Dum style. Jeera Shala Rice and meat are cooked separately and later it's mixed in Dum style.