Most of the time tourists who visit Wayanad visit the known locations and miss many beautiful locations at Wayanad. Wayanad is the most visited tourist spot in kerala because of its natural beauty.
it's s hilltop situated on the edge of Famous Bhanasura hill. It's not so well known for tourists. Now it's under Kerala Forest department. Only with permission from forest department entry is allowed. Entry fee is 1950 rupees for 5 people. The view from top is beyond description. Even at noon there is strong breeze and it's really cold over there. On the way to to top many wild animals, flowers and butterflies can be seen. There are many Wild flowers that reminds of good olden days. The sound of  migratory birds break the thick silence over here and it's gives a pleasurable feeling to the visitors. This journey will definitely be memorable and helps to know the nature more.
Another location is Bhanasura
Most of the tourists visit the Dam after taking ticket from the main gate and leave after seeing the Dam. In truth there are more to present at the other side of Dam and there are no tickets required to see that.